Sunday Worship Has Moved Online at 10AM – See link below







Pastor’s Greeting

Welcome to our new website!!! Please be patient as we continuously update our content. We used the social distancing protocols time to accelerate this project and hope it continues to help us all keep connected with the church.

As we all know, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has disrupted communities, countries, and lives all over the world. The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic and recommended that social distancing is one of the best ways to reduce the rapid spreading of this disease. This is especially critical for those who are elderly, have respiratory issues, or compromised immune systems. We are following the recommended guidelines and cancelling our in-person worship services for the near future and moving them online. In addition, we are closing the physical building and having meetings remotely.

During this time, please be very sensitive to those who are most susceptible to catching this disease by avoiding those who are health-compromised. If you are feeling sick, isolate yourself and wash your hands like you just ate cotton candy!

Thanks for your understanding. Continue to pray and care for one another. I will be limiting my visitation to critical emergency situations for the sake of those who are sick. You can continue to reach me via email, cell phone, or home phone. God will guide us through this new journey of unchartered waters – and bring us back together soon!

God bless,  Pastor David


The question on everyones mind is, when will this all end and we can all be back in the sanctuary together!  If you have watched the news and followed the politicians and medical experts, there is no consensus.  While the devistating impacts of the virus are beginning to decline in Connecticut, nobody wants this to start back up and put our community and congregational members at risk.  In addition, there is some question once we are cleared to return to the church building about the continuation of phyiscal distancing as well as limits to the number of individuals that can be inthe sanctuary at one time.  There is still much to consider and pray about.  

We also are working on both short-term and long-term options toward providing live video worship ooptions every week so that those who have become part of our online worship services can continue to join us regularly!  Please stay tuned, stay at home, and keep praying for our church, our world, and especially those who have suffered during this pandemic.

Worship Moved Online

Beginning Sunday March 15th Nichols UMC has moved our Sunday morning worship to online only at 10am.  While this service may continue to evolve, there will be a time of prayer, scripture, and sermon.   The service can be accessed via Zoom conferencing.


For video link (with password) click:
Online Worship Video Link

For dial in
(646) 876-9923,
you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID which is:
366 149 7977
There is NO participant ID – just hit # again
Password 35#


Zoom: Block Video of yourself

On Desktop, iPhones and Android Phones in the lower left hand corner is a picture of a camera that says “Start Video” beneth click on it so that it has a red slash through it and your camera video will not be visible by other participants

On iPads the icons are in the upper right hand corner

On Desktop:

On iPhone, iPad, and Android: