Sunday 10AM Worship
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Pastor’s Greeting

Welcome to the “new normal”!  COVID-19 has disrupted communities, countries, and lives all over the world.  It has caused chaos, fear, and confusion.  What it has NOT done is stop us from being the church that Christ has called us to be.  Sure we had to change the way we do things, we had to learn new technologies, and we had to discover new ways to connect with one another.  Yet God has used those things for good!

During the time our physical building was closed for activities, we upgraded the internet in our building and now have the capability to live-stream our worship service on a regular basis.  This is something we dreamed would happen “one day” and now that day has come.

Below are the guidelines for re-opening our sanctuary for limited in-person worship.  They are necessary for our safety as well as the safety of the community in which we reside.  Be prayerful and discerning regarding your worship choices and remember, we will continue to offer online worship via Zoom indefinitely.

Thanks for your understanding. Continue to pray and care for one another. I will be limiting my visitation to critical emergency situations for the sake of those who are sick. You can continue to reach me via email, cell phone, or home phone. God will  continue guide us through this new journey of uncharted waters.

God bless, Pastor David


We are opening our sanctuary for worship ON A LIMITED BASIS beginning Sunday, September 13th, 2020. There will be only one service and it will be at 10am.  If you would like to attend worship in-person, please click on the link below for important guidelines as well as how to register to attend.  We recognize that everyone wants to be in the sanctuary and see faces in person. We all want that! However, the reality is that our space is limited and there are some who just can’t worship via Zoom either logistically or spiritually. Attending worship in person should be treated like a scarce commodity and should be reserved for those who can only worship in person. We must remember that being a part of a community requires working together. We will continue to limit most in-person activities this fall because gathering in groups significantly increases the risk of transmission.

Click here for the reopening guildlines –>  NUMC – In Person Worship Guidelines

Worship Available Online

Our Sunday morning worship is always available online at 10am.  The service can be accessed via Zoom conferencing.

For video link (with password) click:
Online Worship Video Link

For dial in
(646) 876-9923,
you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID which is:
366 149 7977
There is NO participant ID – just hit # again
Password 35#


Zoom: Block Video of yourself

On Desktop, iPhones and Android Phones in the lower left hand corner is a picture of a camera that says “Start Video” beneth click on it so that it has a red slash through it and your camera video will not be visible by other participants

On iPads the icons are in the upper right hand corner

On Desktop:

On iPhone, iPad, and Android: